Meet Your Friendly Local Chicken Anarchists Your Friendly Local Chicken Anarchists


David and Carl met back in the day in a muddy festival field. For the next five years they went on an amazing journey, bringing people together through music, art and food at a host of pop-ups and collaborations.

This culminated in the launch of their first fried chicken shop Chick’N’Sours, serving up the best fried chicken and cheekiest cocktails you can get your sticky little hands on.

Changing Fried Chicken For The Good

Whilst riding around on David’s scooter, the boys came up with a new idea to bring their amazing food to a wider audience; CHIK’N, a fast casual restaurant, has been hatched.

Their vision is to change fried chicken for the good and their mission is to serve healthy, happy chicken to healthy, happy people.

Ours is a simple approach. We will have happy people serving up kick-ass fried chicken to a banging soundtrack in an awesome environment.

Fresher. Healthier. Tastier. Fried Chicken For The People.

We know fried chicken’s never going to be as healthy as a salad but we’re here to show that it’s possible to make lip-smackingly tasty fried chicken a hell of a lot healthier. We fry in British rapeseed oil as it has nearly zero Trans Fats and ten times more Omega 3 than olive oil.

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, the menu revolves around fried chicken sandwiches cooked in our impossibly crispy secret coating and served on bespoke handmade potato buns with our very own next level sauces.

We make it all in full view so whatever we are cooking, you’ll be able to clearly see the love and care we put into your food.

From Farm to Food and Back Again

The welfare of their chickens is paramount. They come from an amazing farm in Somerset, where they live full lives, free to roam and forage outside on a diet of corn and cereals.

Sustainability is immensely important too, food waste is turned into fertilizer within the restaurant and the used oil is converted to bio diesel that goes back to the farm.

Farm to Food

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